Dutchs Pride Sun-Ripened Tomatoes Visit Summit Harvest at the NY Produce Show: Booth #370
Pallman Farms Tomatoes

Plucked from the vine at the peak of ripeness,
this is the crown pick you’ve been waiting for…

  • Red, firm and flavorful
  • Gorgeous slices. Great eating!
  • Field-grown and ripened naturally
  • Sourced from top growers
  • Preferred by high-end retailers, top chefs and fine restaurants
  • Sanitized via our state-of-the-art food safety program
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Pallman Farms Full Service Tomato repacking

A homage to the memory of our grandfather, Dutch Pallman…

the Dutch’s Pride brand was established
to honor his pursuit of the best of the best.

Successful farmers often share certain traits…a dawn-til-dusk work ethic, a love of the land, and an unerring, almost stubborn sense of purpose. Our grandfather, Dutch Pallman, was a tough but lovable character who exemplified these qualities and many more. He loved his family with a fierce protectiveness, and his desire to provide for them drove him from his bed in the earliest morning hours. An entrepreneur at heart, his passion for innovation and improvement reflected a formidable and unyielding quest for perfection.

Dutch’s commitment to his customers was legendary. Once quoted as saying, “Customer satisfaction is our life,” he meant every word of it. When we were kids, working out in the fields, Grandpa Dutch instilled in us a love of growing things. To this day, his legacy remains at the heart of how we, as fourth-generation farmers, run our family business.

Building on over 80 years of produce experience, Summit Harvest offers a year-round tomato repack operation, a tomato brokerage service, and a sales and marketing service for growers of local, farm-fresh vegetables. We identify preferred growers, design intelligent packaging solutions, develop effective sales strategies and successfully manage complex logistics. Our commitment to collaboration, planning, old-fashioned hard work and a willingness to embrace change has been essential to our success. Summit Harvest IS your direct link to the farm.

Best Regards,

Craig and Doug Pallman

Summit Harvest

Dynamic packaging for maximum shelf appeal!

• Available in a variety of sizes:
 - 1 Layer 15# Retail Ready Pack
  20, 22, 25, 28, 32 and 35 ct. Tray Pack
 - 1 Layer 10# Tomato Foodservice Pack
  4x4, 4x5, 5x5 and 5x6

- 2 Layer 20# Tomato Pack
 4x4, 4x5, 5x5 and 5x6
- Bulk 10# Foodservice Pack (Grape or Cherry)
- 12/1 Pint Master Pack (Grape or Cherry)

- Complete PLU capability
 U.S.A. and Mexico

Dutch's Pride Package

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